ARIEMA is a spanish company that works with hydrogen and fuell cells technologies. We have 30 years of experience within this sector. We offer from formation and consulting all the way up to the start up of equipments and instalations.

As a technological Spin Off of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), ARIEMA its also one of the principal companies that promote projects of innovation, technology development and management of public-private collaboration activities for the promotion of joint research and business technology development.

We believe that technology can improve business and industry, society and peoples' lives. Since the Institute was founded in 1906, we have worked consistently to build bridges between research and businesses, between technology and people.

Our specialists make use of the latest know-how and world-class facilities. We create usable solutions within agroindustry, construction, energy, business, foods, climate, life science, materials and production.

Integra Aviation (Integra Aerial Services) is your trusted partner for drone flights in Scandinavia and the Arctic. Our fleet of medium to large size drones are ideal for specialized payload testing, and can be customized to fit your needs. We will provide you with total drone solutions, drone pilot training, systems integration, CONOPS, test flights, special approvals, SORA and UTM.