HUV2 Explained

HUV2 is a turn-key hydrogen fuel-cell solution for long endurance electrical Fixed-Wing drones. We are developing and building a solution that comprises a portable Hydrogen generator and fuel cell kits for drones and a possibility to produce hydrogen fuel on-site.
HUV2 was commenced as a R&D project between Ariema in Spain, Integra Aerial Services and Danish Technological Institute in Denmark in late 2018 as a Horizon2020 framework programme under the Eurostars joint programme in supporting international innovative projects led by research and development- performing small- and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs).

(>8h) electrical fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with zero emissions.

Main propellant will be Hydrogen (H).
However, the system will also be able to take energy from methane, propane and butane.

Portable Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) will keep the system supplied with hydrogen produced from electrolysis. The unit only requires water and electricity.

Diagram Højkant_Tegnebræt 1-02

Drone is equipped with fuel cell technology that converts the pressurised hydrogen to electricity in two fuel cell stacks. Emission is only water.

Fuel will be provided from pressurised tanks that sit in the front of the drone. The tanks are sturdy and able to take bumps and rough handling, as they have originally been designed for fire fighting services.